GolfTips recently reported:

“Golf coaches are unanimously choosing the DuoTrac 3-Sensor system over any other 1-sensor system.”

Single sensor golf apps only gives you a fraction of swing data you need.

DuoTrac is a three-sensor system providing complete analysis of your swings by tracking both club and body.

First sensor is connected to the back end of the club to track club swings. The other two sensors clip to belt (on the hips) to track the body movement.

By tracking both, you will immediately increase distance, power, accuracy, and consistency.

We guarantee DuoTrac system will improve your game or your money back. GUARANTEED!

You have nothing to lose by just trying DuoTrac. If it did not work for you, just sent it back. GUARANTEED!

DuoTrac is available for any smart phone or tablet. Use coupon code 007 in “view cart” (not checkout) to get 33 percent off.  Limited time. Order Now

Optimize Your Swing with DuoTrac 3-Sensor System

The DuoTrac 3-Sensor System optimizes your swing, increases power, and removes bad habits by analyzing your body and club movement in real time.

DuoTrac measures your Hip-Sway and Club Face Angle at the three key positions of your swing: top, down, and impact.

Correcting your Hip-Sway will fix your club path and face angle which results in effortless power and accuracy.  Or, Your Money Back Guaranteed!

First connect the sensors to DuoTrac App on your Mobile Phone. Next take your swings, and instantly see how to improve your body and club movements. Order Now


Correcting Hip Sway

DuoTrac APP analyzes your hips sway toward the target and the club will naturally align itself with the target line right through impact. Minimize your misses and generate effortless power with DuoTrac!

Correcting Club Face Angle

DuoTrac effortlessly measures the face angle of your club head at every key position of the swing to keep you square. Soon you will notice improvement as you hit the sweet spot time and time again!

Providing Instant Fixes and Tips

DuoTrac points you to instant fixes and allows you to achieve consistency in your swing. DuoTrac App makes your golf game enjoyable by establishing an optimal swing and tips to correct errors.DuoTrac App works in real time.

Providing Statistics & Progress Report

DuoTrac App providesreal time statistics and saves them for your analysis. Watch your confidence soar as you measure your progress and improve your swings. Game improvements translate into lower scores!

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User Friendly App

Track and Compare

DuoTrac platform allows you to easily improve your game by setting goals and tracking key metrics every time you make a swing. It’s time to see consistent results!  Or, Your Money Back Guaranteed!

Golf Swing Analysis

Reliable Data

DuoTrac App allows you to review exact club face angle and hip sway data at the most critical points in your swing and in real time. This allows you to identify weaknesses and improve each of the areas that professional golfers practice ondaily basis. Or, Your Money Back Guaranteed!


For being 3 sensors, I’m surprised at how quick the readings come up.  I really like the app and after a few session on the range I could see more power and my slice is gone!

Greg Peterson

Love It!  For the same price as a single sensor and now to track Body and Club, this is what I’ve been waiting for! Great Product.

Trevor Denton

I was skeptical at first and almost cancelled my order because the long wait, Glad I waited… for something that tracks hip sway/weight shift is just an advancement in Golf.

Jason Ratcliff