Frequently Asked Questions

DuoTrac Features – How it works +

How does DuoTrac work?

DuoTrac Golf’s club and body sensors analyze the golfer’s club face angle at the top of the swing, down swing, and at impact.  The weight shift, or what we call hip sway, is equally important to be able to help you minimize an “over the top” or “casting” motion in your swing which reduces power and accuracy (one club sensor and a pair of hip sensors).  Incorporating the measurement of additional reference points gives a complete statistical snapshot of your full swing and hip sway. It’s the sum of that data run through our analytics model that computes where the swing is off and how to correct it, with built in drills that will help you improve.

DuoTrac club sensor should be placed on the tip of the grip of the club, the two hip sensors placed on both sides of your waist.  Note, the sensor marked “B” should be placed on your dominant hand hip (right side for right handed players and vice versa for left).  The DuoTrac app is currently available for iOS and Android users. The app can be used on your phone or tablet.

What makes DuoTrac better than other golf swing analyzers?

DuoTrac through its 3-sensor system additionally tracks both the club and the body motion. By incorporating hip sway, DuoTrac shows you how to properly transition and laterally shift your hips toward the target line right through impact.

Do I need to pair my sensors each time I play?

Yes, the sensors will automatically pair once you click the practice and connect button unless your bluetooth is turned off or the sensors need to be recharged. Don’t forget to activate your sensors by lightly shaking them. The flashing green lights on your sensors will indicate that they are ready to connect.

Do I need to charge my sensors one-by-one?

No, the USB multi-port charging station included with every DuoTrac kit allows you to charge all sensors at the same time.  The sensors will also all connect at the same time to be connected to the app.

Will the sensors fit on my clubs?

Yes, DuoTrac comfortably fits at the grip and on both sides of your hips.

How secure is DuoTrac when attached to my club?

If you secure it properly as instructed, it should not come off with normal swings. Any large vibrations or extreme mis-hits might loosen the sensor, but should be checked to make sure everything is secured before your next swing. If readings seems to be off, please check the senor to make sure it is properly positioned (charge port facing away from your body at 1 o’clock angle).

Will DuoTrac measure club head speed?

No. The reason we do not feel measuring club head speed is beneficial is because speed kills on the driving or practice range. If more distance is what you need then better mechanics is the best way to get it.

DuoTrac App +

Do I need to have a phone or tablet to view my game data?

Yes, there is a free, downloadable app that will track your game statistics and data week after week to provide you with the most insightful feedback possible.

Can I view my data on your web app page?

We currently do not have a web app page, but are plugging away at getting one developed. You can review your data inside the app through the “Performance” tab. See you improvement graphically by week, month or year. Stay informed by signing up for our free newsletter and receive exciting project development information. 

Which phones will the DuoTrac app be compatible with?

The DuoTrac app is compatible with iOS and Android.

Where can I download the app?

You can download the app from your Play Store if you are an Android user or your App Store if you are an iOS user.

DuoTrac Technical Specs +

How much does DuoTrac weigh?

The sensors weigh approximately 4 grams each.

Can you calibrate the club sensor to a target?

NO, but we will be working on that after our release.

Is the battery rechargeable, and what is the battery life?

Yes! The sensors have a rechargeable 250 mAH battery, which gives approximately 6 hours of continuous use or 1 month of an hour+ use per week. 

Will I ever have to replace the battery within DuoTrac?


Do you have any patents?

Yes, we have a patent pending on our multi-sensor product.

DuoTrac Shipping +

What are the shipping costs? Which countries will DuoTrac be available in?

DuoTrac is available worldwide. You may receive an estimated shipping cost at checkout. Typically, $10 for all domestic orders and $20 for all International Orders (international orders are subject to duties and taxes).

What will International duties cost me?

International duties and taxes maybe incurred upon shipment of DuoTrac Kits if certain countries tax limits have been exceeded. Custom duties are imposed on goods transported across international borders, to help protect countries economy, products, and jobs. In addition to an import duty, our product may be subject to other taxes such as sales tax (VAT, GST, etc.), excise duty, or other customs charges. Each country has its own set of taxes, and different ways of calculating them.

Below are a few links for different countries explaining their tax and duties requirements, and to help you calculate these costs. 

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DuoTrac Inquiries +

I’m a journalist and have questions, who do I contact?

For all inquiries, feel free to contact us at Someone will personally handle any questions, concerns, or inquiries you may have.

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