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Hello DuoTrac Ambassadors!

We are running a contest in which you can win a Scotty Cameron Putter of your choice (5 styles to choose from).

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We will announce our lucky winner on July 21. Don’t be shy, we are excited to see YOUR game!

It’s Time to Ship —June, 2017 

We are ready to ship out DuoTrac to our patient and dedicated backers, supporters and customers. It has been a marathon effort to create the first body and club motion tracking system in any sport. We thank you for sticking by us so we can deliver you the product you have been waiting for. You will be emailed a tracking number this week. 


DuoTrac 2.0

DuoTrac 2.0 is a significant upgrade from our initial 1.0 release:

Design: lighter and streamlined.

Performance: latency reduced to 1-2 seconds, increased battery life (up to 6 hours), and increased data accuracy.

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 connects seamlessly with your smartphone and ensures steady, accurate data transmission. Use your sensors anywhere on your iOS or Android device.

Full Technical specifications for DuoTrac 2.0:


At Coach Labs we’ve been refining our flagship technology over many months. The DuoTrac 3 sensor system is a more advanced version of our 4 sensor kit. We’ve removed what was slowing us down, and enhanced our system to include just the essentials in training and performance. 

The higher performing DuoTrac 2.0 system provides reduced latency, speed, increased accuracy and a lighter, more durable design. DuoTrac 2.0 enhances the key features of our original product for an immersive & lightning fast player experience.

Where to Next

Coach Labs has some new and exciting developments. You might have seen our new products on www.DuoTrac.com. Please know that we have not forgotten our backers & customers who helped make DuoTrac a reality. We can’t wait for you to receive your product & to get your feedback on the new DuoTrac 2.0.

March, 2017 Update

We started Coach Labs to empower golfers and transform the way people around the world improve athletic performance through play.

Coming out of the 2017 PGA Show in January, based on customer feedback, market interest and partnership opportunities presented, we are excited to announce we are re-engineering our DuoTrac sensor kit into a higher performing version (see features below), which will bring your game to the next level. To achieve this, we’ve employed a large engineering design team, with years of expertise in the sensor space, to help implement this upgrade.

Performance: latency is reduced to less than 3 seconds, increased battery life (up to 6 hours) and increases in data accuracy.

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 connects seamlessly with your smartphone and ensures steady, accurate data transmission. Use your sensors anywhere on your IOS or Android device.

The Easiest and Most Effective Golf Drills to Enhance Your Performance

At DuoTrac we believe that perfect practice makes perfect. Our inhouse PGA Director of Instructor is here to help you do just that. This quick and easy drill targets hip sway and club face angle. Knowing whether your hip sway is “away” from or “towards” target will help you create a powerful and repeatable swing.

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Thank you for continuing on this journey with us.

The DuoTrac Team

December 16, 2016 – Special Update


DuoTrac Product Testing with our new Director of Instruction

We’ve brought on a PGA Head of Instruction, Tim Leible to provide you with training tips and drills. It’s like having your very own PGA Instructor.

Click on the video below to see Tim’s product testing in action. We’ve undertaken our extensive product trials in a variety of environments to ensure connectivity, accuracy & speed.

We’ll be reaching out to you directly to make sure we align Tim’s expertise with your needs. Stay tuned for regular video tutorials, and Q & A sessions. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to see our DuoTrac community members continually enhance their performance.

2017 PGA Show

We’re gearing up for the 2017 PGA Show, January 24th through the 27th. Our Director of Instruction and the entire DuoTrac Team will be holding live demo’s, instructions and presentations at the stand.
Come and visit us at Booth #1289 to test your skills and receive tips directly from our in-house PGA pro! Meet Curt Menefee as he comes straight off NFL’s NFC championship game.

Best regards,

The DuoTrac Team

October 27, 2016 – Hardware & Software Updates to Give you a Superior User Experience


Hey Golfers!

The development process is a marathon – and with most products, it’s hidden from you. For instance, Apple worked on the iPad for 8 years before it was released! But thanks to our updates page, the ups and downs of our product development are open for you to see. By following along with us, we hope you’ve gained a new appreciation for the effort that goes into any manufactured object.

Let’s Talk Hardware

The last mile has been a tough one, but we’re still going full-steam ahead. We are doing all we can to ensure we ship the most superior product possible. This includes:

Upgrading the antenna to a stronger chip antenna & tuning the frequency to provide us with maximum efficiency.

Build of each sensor board comprised of 37 individual parts.

Upgrade to our proprietary crystal quartz to improve performance of the sensors upon impact.

For all those who geek out on wearable technology just as much as we do, here’s an insight into how all of these components come together.

Each part comes into the factory on reels similar to 8mm movie film.