Don’t let the cold weather stop you from playing golf! As summer begins to wind down, most of us will encounter some colder weather conditions. Although your scoring average will slightly increase due to the rougher conditions, you’ll have the chance to work on different shots and still undergo insightful golf swing analysis. For those of us who don’t want to hang up our clubs during off-season, there are ways to protect yourself against the cold. If you are among those passionate golfers, then here are ways to address the chilly weather challenges:


Warm-Up: Before hitting the golf course, stretch to prevent injuries and play better golf. Your cold muscles need to be exercised to avoid injuring yourself and promote a fluid, full golf swing, which can improve your overall performance. Try warming up with light activities for about 5-10 minutes or walk instead of riding to keep your body warmed up and loose.

Play Smart: Did you know that golf balls don’t travel well in the cold? It can actually affect your distance. You can lose anywhere from about 3 to 5 yards! To better your chances, try to keep your golf balls warm. You can do so by keeping them in your pocket between holes. Just remember, warm balls fly farther!

Track Progress: Keep your game in check by utilizing a Golf Swing Tracker to measure your progress. Analyze your ability to play in various weather conditions. This will help you train for any hardship that you may run into. It’ll also give you the chance to brush up on your skills and enforce proper swing techniques. A swing analyzer is a great tool that promotes proper posture and provides a guide as to how to progressively improve.

Dress Warmly: Protect yourself from the cold by wisely layering up. Don’t bundle up too much, though! Otherwise, you won’t be able to even make a solid, full swing. Try layering up with a thermal shirt and short or long sleeve golf shirt. If it’s really windy, try bundling on a sweater or light-weight windbreaker. Remember, heat tends to escape from your head, toes, and hands first, so try wearing a toboggan hat, warm socks, and/or gloves to keep warm from the chilly weather.

Don’t come back into golf season rusty! Time away from the golf course can be a bad decision for your golf game. Being properly prepared for all the winter obstacles can actually be just as fun if not more exhilarating.